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Synco X-Talk X9 Wireless Intercom System


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Synco X-Talk X9 Wireless Intercom System with 9 Single-Ear Headsets (2.4 GHz)

Key Features
  • Easy-to-Use Low-Power 2.4 GHz System
  • 9 Single-Ear Headsets, No Hub Needed
  • Full-Duplex, Use Any Headset as Master
  • True Wireless Headset, No Bodypack
The Synco X-Talk X9 is a full-duplex wireless intercom system engineered to provide clear communication in a comfortable true-wireless design with no bodypack or hub required. This configuration includes 9 rugged, single-ear headsets, and Synco’s Master Free algorithm conveniently allows you to use any of the headsets as the master. In addition, the package provides 9 rechargeable batteries, 5 battery charging stations, 5 USB charging cables, 9 windscreens, 9 single-ear foam cushions, and a case for transport and storage. The system uses 2.4 GHz technology to ensure clear and reliable transmission at a range of up to 1148’—making it well suited for a variety of applications, including film and video productions and event coordination for businesses, schools, and houses of worship.
Any Headset Can Be Master
  • Unlock the full potential of group communication with the revolutionary SYNCO Master Free Algorithm and say goodbye to concerns about losing or running out of battery on the master headset.
  • Connect any headset unit seamlessly to form a group of 2 to 9 people effortlessly, as the Master Free algorithm intelligently designates a master headset through advanced voice recognition.
  • The X9 can be easily divided into two complete communication systems. This is possible because any group can randomly combine a master device with multiple remote devices to form a closed-loop small-group communication system.
Impressive Range and Expandability
  • Stay effortlessly connected with the Xtalk X9, featuring an impressive line-of-sight range of 1148 feet.
  • Plus, there’s no need to walk far to reconnect thanks to the SYNCO Quick Re-Link Tech.
  • With SYNCO Group Sync Plus Tech, the Xtalk system can be upgraded via USB-C firmware update to support up to 18-person group connections.
Clear Communication
  • Experience unparalleled audio clarity with the Xtalk X9. Equipped with advanced AEC technology, it eliminates echoes, reverberation, and unwanted ambient noise, ensuring crystal-clear recognition of human voices, even in noisy environments.
  • The system accurately captures and highlights the primary voice while effortlessly suppressing audio disturbances—providing exceptional clarity and articulation during conversations.
  • Enjoy the One-Button Clarity design that allows you to activate the powerful noise cancellation feature at the press of a button, delivering effective and clear communication for your team.
Smart Flow Sync with Unique 3.5mm Realtime Monitoring
  • Unleash the power of unique real-time monitoring and wired headset functionality, all in one.
  • Seamlessly communicate with your team while monitoring audio from devices like cameras and recorders, with no need for another headset.
  • Great for field-control personnel overseeing the shooting process, catering to the needs of on-set coordinators, directors, supervisors, and more.
Connect All Day with Rechargeable and Replaceable Batteries
  • With a low-power design powered by rechargeable batteries, the Xtalk X9 lets you easily use your headset for 24 hours, while the 1050mAh replaceable battery allows you to swap in a fully charged backup in the field.
  • The battery fully recharges in 2.5 hours and five charging stations with USB cables are provided.
  • Stay connected and communicative throughout your day, confident in the reliability of the Xtalk X9’s efficient battery system.
Optimized for Portability and Durability
  • Crafted from lightweight ABS materials and smooth leather, each single-ear Xtalk X9 headset weighs just 6 oz with the battery included, making it easy to wear all day.
  • The upgraded over-ear leather cushion is designed to fit the ear, providing enhanced stability and comfort for challenging work environments.

    Synco Xtalk Specs

    Key Specs
    Users per System
    Wireless Technology
    Digital 2.4 GHz
    Operating Range
    1148.3′ / 350 m
    Earpiece Design
    On-Ear (Supra-Aural)
    Number of Earpieces
    Single Earpiece
    Number of Included Headsets
    9x Single-Sided Headset
    Users per System
    Wireless Connectivity
    Wireless Technology
    Digital 2.4 GHz
    Operating Range
    1148.3′ / 350 m
    Max Transceivers per Band
    Duplex Mode
    Echo Cancellation, Full-Duplex (FDX)
    120 ms
    Approximate RF Sensitivity
    -90 dBm
    2.4 GHz
    Mobile App Compatible
    Earpiece Design
    On-Ear (Supra-Aural)
    Earpiece Connection / Wearing Style
    Number of Earpieces
    Single Earpiece
    Controls/Microphone Location
    Earpiece (Side Unspecified)
    Frequency Response
    150 Hz to 7 kHz
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
    Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)
    98 dB at 1 kHz
    ≥65 dB
    Microphone Type
    Electret Condenser
    Noise Cancelling Microphone
    Frequency Response
    150 Hz to 7 kHz
    Maximum SPL
    115 dB SPL
    Wired Connectivity
    Audio Connector
    Audio Connector to Earpiece
    1/8″ / 3.5 mm
    Battery Type
    1 x Rechargeable Battery
    Battery Chemistry
    Capacity (mAh)
    1050 mAh
    20 Hours
    Recharge Time
    2.5 Hours
    Operating Temperature
    32 to 113°F / 0 to 45°C
    Storage Temperature
    -4 to 140°F / -20 to 60°C
    Material of Construction
    ABS, Leather
    6.6 oz / 188 g (with Batteries)
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
Additional information
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 52 × 48 × 24 cm



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