Rocket Drawstring Textile Bag (Black)

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  • Model:Drawstring Textile Bag (Black)
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Rocket Drawstring Textile Bag (Black)

Used for

protecting and storing your valuable Lighting, Grip and SFX Textiles / Rags
and anything else you might want to use it for
Rocket Film Equipment make their drawstring Bags with

Made from nylon pack cloth
Shower and dustproof
Double seamed for strength
Stitched with super strong quality nylon thread
Shoulder strap
PVC Identification label for writing on
Sized in 3 sizes, Small / Medium / and Bulkie, to accommodate all types of Textiles
Color-coded for textile/rag size

Also Available in 4' x 4' White, 6' x 6' Red, 8' x 8' Green, 20' x 12' Sky Blue, 20' x 20' Royal Blue, 20' x 20' Heavy Duty Black.

Please call or email for pricing.

Rocket Film Equipment is distributed in Australia by Mick's Gripping P/L.

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