CM-070 Counterweight 1 in. for CineMilled CWS

10% GST incl.

Product may vary slightly from image representation.
  • Model:CM-070 Counterweight 1 in. for CineMilled CWS
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These counterweights, when used with our PRO Dovetails are the key to unlocking new configurations from your Ronin, Ronin-M/MX or MōVI.

Balance previously impossible setups of cameras and lenses.

Part of the CineMilled Gimbal Counterweight System – CineMilled CWS

**Please note you may need to order a PRO Dovetail for your Ronin or MōVI

**Please note you may also need to order a PAN Counterweight Mount for you Ronin or MōVI

Price per Counterweight


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